Domain Expertise is something that you have achieved either while pursuing your academics in your respective fields like engineering, medicine and health, chartered accountancy, architecture, commerce and science graduation etc. or through hardcore experience in a particular sector. But, when it comes to employability, promotions and retention of service you need much more than just the domain expertise to make yourself the right preference. This is where you need self-belief and confidence to inculcate qualities like being able to engage into constructive dialogue and debates, quantitative and qualitative systemic analytical prowess, soft skills, excellent presentation and platform skills, business etiquettes, and writing skills.


Identifying this crucial requirement, we at Accession have designed our Certificate Courses and Workshops to help students and employees to cope up and understand the underlying values and ethos of this core value system that is an inseparable part of their professional career, technological trend, socio economic fabric of the world today.


Often looked at as supplementary schools; Finishing Schools in fact, not only upgrade the participants self-belief cultivate confidence, but provide a unique opportunity to gain a realistic job experience making them confident enough to speak and give their best at the time of interviews and other selection tests.


Accession – The Finishing School is one such facility that stands apart amongst the rest due to the quality of coaching and the core competencies a participant gains from perusing our Courses. Accession – The Finishing School is one of the best in the industry due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped classrooms. We organise workshops and seminars where our invitees and top professionals help our participants get a better understanding and practical knowledge of their respective fields. 


You are “Born to Perform” at Accession – The finishing School, we simply redefine the “Way to Achieve”.