Course Modules

Interview Skills

Interviewing is an important step in the employee selection process. If done effectively, the interview enables the employer to determine if an applicant's skills, experience and personality

Business Writing Skills

Writing is the primary way business gets done in today's collaborative world. When it's done well, business gets done well. Well-written proposals lead to more revenue

Certificate Course on MS Excel Advanced

A working knowledge of Excel is vital for most office-based professionals today, and stronger Excel skills can open the door to promotion and leadership opportunities.

Certificate Course on MS Excel Basic

Employers prefer candidates who are adept with Excel and other Office 365 programs. Many companies heavily depend on these programs for everything

Certificate Course on MS Power-Point

From sales executives to senior directors, PowerPoint is a powerful tool to use for presentations. It allows you to catch your audience’s attention using visual effects.

Certificate Course on MS Word

Microsoft Word or MS Word (often called Word) is a graphical word processing program that users can type with.What is MS Word?

Communication Skills

Good communication skills in life will ensure everyone around you understands you and you understand them.

Conflict Resolution

Having good conflict resolution skills help employees reduce the friction that damages their working relationships. By resolving conflicts in a more

Front Office Management

Every multi-departmental physical business needs to have a front office or reception to receive the visitors. Front Office Department is the face

Industry Background (BPO/KPO/LPO)

It Helps You Understand if the Job & Company Are Right for You. The pay you can work on, to an extent, through salary negotiations. ...

KRA/KPI An Introduction

KRA and KPI are two metrics crucial for determining whether the organizational strategies are moving in the right direction or not.

Negotiation Skills

Many positions require employees to have strong negotiation skills. Whether you are simply working as part of a team or you regularly negotiate with clients