Accession – The Finishing School is high octane organization entrusted with the task of helping a large section of Indian students achieve their dream of being truly global and yet retain their uniquely Indian ethos and identity. Our journey has started only because we are ready to accept the fact that our students need to participate in the ensuing global competition as equals and not as mere appendages eking out of a marginal existence at the fringes.

We recognize that there is a strong desire amongst the students to learn and master different Languages. Personality Development and Soft Skills today have emerged as the key differentiators in so far as the success or failure in corporate life is concerned. Increasingly it is being seen that young graduates with exceptional ability in their respective subject matters like engineering or commerce or law etc are not being hired by prospective employers or they mostly end up in sub-optimal jobs relative to their qualifications. More often than that, the reason for this sordid state of affairs is the lack of employability of the candidates vis-à-vis one key requirement which is superior and impeccable communication and soft skills ability or rather lack of it. We as an organization intend helping change the status quo.

An Initiative of Accession Tech-Media Pvt Ltd, our organization has been started by an experienced team of professionals from various walks of life like business, civil service, academia etc. Our founders have extensive experience in areas like Team management, Corporate Hiring, Training and IT operations. We are now ready to offer our services in the form of end to end solutions in English communication Personality Development and Soft Skills involving developments in expertise like cracking Job interviews and clearing the IJPs and corporate usage of MS office. We believe that with the benefit of the type of training and guidance being offered by us, Individuals and corporate Institutions like yours would see a substantial improvement in the quantity as well as quality of placements available post their graduation.

Computer Class

A perfectly blended classroom ambience to make the learning experience "Fun-n-Joy" for you. Dedicated laptops for each participant and limited number of sets per batch to encourage personal attention to all.


A well equipped library facility with a dual benefit of staying behind and enjoy a stress free study environment and a take-home facility for reference material on a "as-is-where-is" basis.

College Library
Takeaway Restaurant

Discuss your issues in privacy with your Faculty and Counsellors in privacy to find the perfect solutions. Enjoy group discussions and meetings for practical training.

Enjoy the finest limited cuisine or a cuppa "Chai-Coffee" with a "Bite" while you relax and study at the library from an exclusive take-away counter.

Meeting Room